California Biblical University and Seminary



​​​Qualities and Characteristics of Christ-Centered Recovery Specialists.

Seeks intimacy with God Daily.

Understands that addiction is a spiritual bondage that can be led to disease if not addressed spiritually but is not disease.

Recognizes  that the only hope for maximum recovery must come through personal relationship with Christ and the life transforming truth granted us through His inspired Word that is sufficient to speak to all matters concerning the mind, will, emotions, soul and spirit.

Trusts God as his or her trustworthy guide.

Nurtures a rich prayer life and grows in sensitivity to the Holy  Spirit.

Continues to grow in God’s graciousness and the fruit of the Spirit.

Firmly persuade of the inerrancy, infallibility and sufficiency of Scripture to provide all necessary insight and truth regarding the core causes of all addictions while providing the assuredness of the most effective healing power of lasting value.

Understands that addictions is sin and that heart-felt repentance is a requirement for maximum healing and movement into God’s plan for each person’s life.