·         Pass the CCRS exam

·         Complete 75 hrs of internship field experience

·         Membership fee $350. Annual renewal $75

·         Must take the following courses.             

o   Module 8. The devotional life – My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

o   Module 9. Overview of Biblical Counseling  - Counseling Through the Bible Handbook by June Hunt

o   Module 10. Christ-Centered Counseling Competencies – Competent to Counsel by Jay Adams

o   Module 11. Principles Person & Practice of Counseling – The Christina Counselors Manual By Jay Adams

o   Module 12. Spiritual Growth and the Process of Sanctification – Epistle to the Romans

o   Module 13. Our identity in Christ – Discovering Your Identity in Christ by Dr. Charles Stanley.

o   Module 14. Relapse Prevention  - Relapse by Mark Shaw

o   Module 15. Self Confrontation – Self Confrontation   A Manual for in-depth  Discipleship by John C. Broger

o   Module 16. Scriptural Sufficiency in Counseling – Introduction to Biblical Counseling by John C. Broger

o   Module 17. Divergence From Biblical Counseling – Counseling: How to Counsel Biblically by John MacArthur

o   Module 18. Spiritual Warfare - Get out of that Pit: Straight Talk About God’s Deliverance by Beth Moore: Pigs in the Parlor by Frank & Ida Mae Hammond. Ephesians 6:10-20


·         20% discount on all Certifications and Advanced Degrees taken through ACADC institute

·         20 % discount for the Annual CCRSN Christ-Centered Ministry Conference

·         Peer Networking

·         Placement  on the CCRSN referral list of qualified ministers and professionals


   Free CRS internship enrollment

· Enroll into a ministry or Christ-Centered organization and begin 75 hrs of internship      field  experience that must be completed to earn the LCRS license.

· Take the following classes:

o   Module 1. The CRS Exam Prep course and exam

o   Module 2. The Road to Counselor Confidence.

o    Module 3. The Road o True Blessing.

·   Benefits.

o   Peer networking and 20% discount on the following.

o   20 % Discount on Certification and Degree programs taken through ACADC institute

o   CCRSN Christ-centered Recovery Specialist Conference

o   CCRSN seminars and workshops

o   ACADCI Anger management instructor certificationType your paragraph here.

·         Pass the CCRS exam

·         Take the following classes

o   Module 4. Deliverance  - Steps to Freedom in Christ by Neil Anderson

o   Module 5. Major Life Principles – 30 Life Principles by Charles Stanley

o   Module 6. Breaking The Strongholds – The Bondage Breaker by Neil Anderson

o   Module 7. Understanding Addiction – The Heart of Addiction by Mark Shaw

·         Membership fee $200. Annual renewal $75


·         20% discount on all certification degree programs taken through ACADC institute

·         CCASN Christ-Centered Addiction Specialist Conferences

·         Peer Networking

·         Placement on the CCRSN referral list of qualified ministers and counselorsType your paragraph here.

Requirements for advancement to level III licensed Christ-Centered Addiction Specialist  LCCRS

Christ-centered recovery specialist intern (CCRSI)

Requirements for advancement to level II CCAS status.





Requirements for advancement to level IV Professional Drug Alcohol and Addiction Counselor

California Biblical University and Seminary