Thank you for considering California Biblical University and Seminary (CBUS). CBUS provides a Bible-based education in a dynamic, uncompromising Christian approach. Our goal is to develop, within the framework of one's God-given talents and personality, an individual who is articulate and knowledgeable in the Christian faith, and who walks in the way of business

As a Christian university, we seek to meet both the spiritual and academic needs of our students. Therefore, CBUS not only puts special emphasis on a deep understanding of the Bible, theology, philosophy, and apologetics, but also on the application of God's truths both personally and in Christian ministry.

With distance learning, students do not need to bear the great expense of moving to California and taking classes on the school campus. Instead, we now can bring the classes to the students so that they can stay connected to their family, job, and church while they earn their degree.

We are excited to offer initial degrees at the associates's and bachelor's levels accompanied with certificates at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. I invite you to join us at CBUS and become the man or woman that God wants you to be.

Jude 3
Dr. Martin Mosier

Message from the president

Contact Dr. Martin Mosier, President of CBUS for more information


Ph. 714-497-7778 or write:
Dr. Martin Mosier, P.O. Box 973, Tustin, CA. 92781

All classes wil be given in Orange, CA.




California Biblical University and Seminary